Amigurumi Crochet Parakeet Free Pattern


“Titico was our parakeet, of green plumage and of uneducated language. He came home one day, who knows from where, with very tired wings and the hunger of two men.
Dad, who is a carpenter, made him a lorero, with everything precise, for the great Titico. and there he spent the days, in our company, repeating almost daily, a new comment.
Mom, if who is a na, gave him a lot of care, in autumn, in spring, in winter and summer And so the days went by, our friend, the great titico, and we all looked like the prettiest parakeet.It
seemed that they did not share, in this good concept, Since the excitement was the new bird, who even sang of joy.
When Dad returned from work, Titico beat ten flutters, shook his head from side to side, and flipped to celebrate it. Then he talked as if to surprise him, saying that the weather was somewhat mild, that the euro and the dollar were going down and that Navratilova was good at the piano.
When Mom was in the kitchen, Titico shouted: _ without garlic and fine salt! The potato is hard! The meat is dark! The dessert is green! What do you want to do to me ?! Mom Calmed Him With Some Water And Caresses At The Peak Of The Good Budgie. Sofia watched, Prudencio barked, and I made a small plane …
One summer day, Dad arrived wet, because a storm was falling with lightning and lightning.That day was not heard: the happy flutters, no words, bad weather, or the dollar, or work. Dad went to his room
put on dry clothes, and no feathered absence.
Mom returned GROWTH PETS. I served it in both dishes, that of Sofia and Prudencio, and the dog soon left no trace of the food. Sofia didn’t taste anything, she was lying and somewhat round … see her mustaches green. “


  • 1st – 6 bp magic ring (6 bp)
  • 2nd-aum. in all pb. (12 bp)
  • 3ª-1 pb. 1am. (18 pb)
  • 4ª2 pb. 1 aum. (24pb)
  • 5ª to 7ª- 1 bp in cada pb (24bp)
  • 8ª- 3 pb. 1 aum. (30pb)
  • 9ª to 12ª-1pb and cada pb. (CU30)

Change color

  • 13ª-4pb. 1 aum. (36 pb)
  • 14ª to 27ª- 1 pb. in cada pb (36 bp)
  • 28ª4pb. 1 dism. (30pb)
  • 29ª- 3pb. 1 dism. (24pb)
  • 30ª- 2pb. 1 dism. (18pb)
  • 31ª- 1pb. 1 dism. (12pb)

Place the eyes and fill with synthetic cotton.

  • 32ª6 dism.

Close with 1pr.

Make 4 the same.

  • 1st-6 magic ring (6pb)
  • 2nd-aum. in all (12pb)
  • 3ª- 1pb. 1 aum. (18 pb)
  • 4ª- 2pb. 1 aum. (24pb)
  • 5ª- 3pb. 1 aum. (30pb)
  • 6ª-4pb. 1 aum. (36pb)

To make the wing, fold a circle in half. We sew (it will be the bottom of the wing), over we sew another circle. Repeat the operation for the other wing.


  • 1st-6pb magic ring. (6PB)
  • 2ª-1 pb. 1 aum. most cada pb .. (9pb)
  • 3ª and 4ª-1pb. a cada pb. (9PB)
  • 5ª- 2pb. 1 aum. (12 pb)
  • 6ª and 7ª- 1pb. a cada pb (12pb)
  • 8ª- 3pb. 1 aum. (15pb)
  • 9th to 18th – 1pb. in each bp. (15pb)

Fill with synthetic cotton and sew the tail to the body.
Make the beak orange and pink. The black details


Make a magic ring of 4 points. Do not close the ring.
Make 4cad, return with 3pm. Make 1pr. in the next p. of the magic ring, continue with 4cd. 3pm 1pr. in the next p. of the magic ring, Repeat.
Close with a pr. and leave a piece of thread.

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